Trinity - After Rublev

Painted in acrylic and gold leaf on wood, this new take on Rublev’s celebrated icon of The Trinity (also called ‘The Hospitality of Abraham’) features three members of St Luke’s Church, West Holloway, London.

The Russian painter Andrei Rublev, who ‘wrote’ his icon in about 1410, depicts the three angels who visited Abraham at the Oak of Mamre. The painting became popular as an icon of the Trinity, capturing the mysterious friendship between the three persons. 

The idea to recast Rublev’s Trinity for now, came from a day celebrating diversity in the church in London. Speaking of visiting different church buildings, one of the speakers, Dr Elizabeth Henry, National Advisor Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns, commented ‘I’m a black woman and of all the images in a church building there is almost never anyone who looks like me...’ 

The painting now hangs in St Luke's Church and has been used as part of the 2016 All Saints Day service at St Paul's Cathedral.